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    149571 (Dimethylamino)carbonyl chloride 342009-25-0 4-04-00-00224 (
    Beilstein Handbook Reference) 79-44-7 BRN 0878197 CCRIS 257
    Carbamic chloride, dimethyl- Carbamoyl chloride, dimethyl- C
    arbamyl chloride, N,N-dimethyl- Chlorid kyseliny dimethylkar
    baminove [Czech] Chloroformic acid dimethylamide DIMETHYLCAR
    BAMOYL CHLORIDE Dimethyl carbamoyl chloride Dimethylamid kys
    eliny chlormravenci [Czech] Dimethylcarbamic acid chloride D
    imethylcarbamic chloride Dimethylcarbamidoyl chloride Dimeth
    ylcarbamoyl chloride [UN2262] [Corrosive] Dimethylcarbamoylc
    hloride Dimethylcarbamyl chloride Dimethylchloroformamide Di
    methylkarbamoylchlorid [Czech] EINECS 201-208-6 HSDB 2656 N,
    N-Dimethylcarbamic acid chloride N,N-Dimethylcarbamidoyl chl
    oride N,N-Dimethylcarbamoyl chloride N,N-Dimethylcarbamyl ch
    loride NSC 122671 RCRA waste no. U097 RCRA waste number U097
    TL 389 UN2262

    Smiles: ClC(=O)N(C)C

    pdb file: 149571.pdb
    sdf file: 149571.sdf

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      (Dimethylamino)carbonyl chloride 342009-25-0 4-04-00-00224 (Beilstein Handbook Reference) 79-44-7 BRN 0878197 CCRIS 257 Carbamic chloride, dimethylCarbamoyl chloride, dimethylCarbamyl chloride, N,N-dimethylChlorid kyseliny dimethylkarbaminove [Czech] Chloroformic acid dimethylamide DIMETHYLCARBAMOYL CHLORIDE Dimethyl carbamoyl chloride Dimethylamid kyseliny chlormravenci [Czech] Dimethylcarbamic acid chloride Dimethylcarbamic chloride Dimethylcarbamidoyl chloride Dimethylcarbamoyl chloride [UN2262] [Corrosive] Dimethylcarbamoylchloride Dimethylcarbamyl chloride Dimethylchloroformamide Dimethylkarbamoylchlorid [Czech] EINECS 201-208-6 HSDB 2656 N,N-Dimethylcarbamic acid chloride N,N-Dimethylcarbamidoyl chloride N,N-Dimethylcarbamoyl chloride N,N-Dimethylcarbamyl chloride NSC 122671 RCRA waste no. U097 RCRA waste number U097 TL 389 UN2262
      pubchem generic registry name
      342009-25-0 79-44-7
      pubchem xref ext id
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      pubchem ext substance url
      pubchem cid associations
      6598 1

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