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    154592 1,1',1''-(1-Chloro-1-ethenyl-2-ylidene)-tris(4-methoxybenzen
    e) 4-06-00-07650 (Beilstein Handbook Reference) 569-57-3 Ani
    sene BRN 1891845 Benzene, 1,1',1''-(1-chloro-1-ethenyl-2-yli
    dene)tris(4-methoxy)- CCRIS 4769 CHLOROTRIANISENE CTA Chloor
    trianisestrol Chlorestrolo Chlorotrianisene [BAN:INN] Chloro
    trianisene [Nonsteroidal oestrogens] Chlorotrianisenum [INN-
    Latin] Chlorotrianisine Chlorotrianizen Chlorotris(p-methoxy
    phenyl)ethylene Chlorotrisin Chlortrianisen Chlortrianisene
    Chlortrianisenum Chlortrianisestrol Chlortrianisoestrolum Ch
    lortrianizen Clorestrolo Clorotrianisene [DCIT] Clorotrianis
    eno [INN-Spanish] Clorotrisin EINECS 209-318-6 Ethylene, chl
    orotris(p-methoxyphenyl)- HSDB 3302 Hormonisene Khlortrianiz
    en Merbentul Metace NSC-10108 Rianil TACE Tace (pharmaceutic
    al) Tace-Fn Tri-p-anisylchloroethylene Tris(p-methoxyphenyl)

    Smiles: ClC(c1ccc(OC)cc1)=C(c2ccc(OC)cc2)c3ccc(OC)cc3

    pdb file: 154592.pdb
    sdf file: 154592.sdf

    Please note: images may show incorrect connectivity due to improper geometry. We will be working to improve this situation. For now, the left image should be correct, and the other two are correct, if they match the first.

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      1,1',1''-(1-Chloro-1-ethenyl-2-ylidene)-tris(4-methoxybenzene) 4-06-00-07650 (Beilstein Handbook Reference) 569-57-3 Anisene BRN 1891845 Benzene, 1,1',1''-(1-chloro-1-ethenyl-2-ylidene)tris(4-methoxy)- CCRIS 4769 CHLOROTRIANISENE CTA Chloortrianisestrol Chlorestrolo Chlorotrianisene [BAN:INN] Chlorotrianisene [Nonsteroidal oestrogens] Chlorotrianisenum [INN-Latin] Chlorotrianisine Chlorotrianizen Chlorotris(p-methoxyphenyl)ethylene Chlorotrisin Chlortrianisen Chlortrianisene Chlortrianisenum Chlortrianisestrol Chlortrianisoestrolum Chlortrianizen Clorestrolo Clorotrianisene [DCIT] Clorotrianiseno [INN-Spanish] Clorotrisin EINECS 209-318-6 Ethylene, chlorotris(p-methoxyphenyl)- HSDB 3302 Hormonisene Khlortrianizen Merbentul Metace NSC-10108 Rianil TACE Tace (pharmaceutical) Tace-Fn Tri-p-anisylchloroethylene Tris(p-methoxyphenyl)chloroethylene
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      11289 1

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