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    173409 126-27-2 13930-31-9 2,2'-((2-Hydroxyethyl)imino)bis(N-(1,1-d
    imethyl-2-phenylethyl)-N-methylacetamide) 2,2'-((2-Hydroxyet
    amide) 2-Di(N-methyl-N-phenyl-tert-butyl-carbamoylmethyl)ami
    noethanol 4-12-00-02822 (Beilstein Handbook Reference) Aceta
    mide, 2,2'-((2-hydroxyethyl)imino)bis(N-(1,1-dimethyl-2-phen
    ylethyl)-N-methyl- Acetamide, 2,2'-((2-hydroxyethyl)imino)bi
    s(N-(alpha,alpha-dimethylphenethyl)-N-methyl- BRN 2404063 Be
    talgil CCRIS 4692 EINECS 204-780-5 Emoren FH 099 Mucaine Muc
    oxin Muthesa N,N-Bis(N-methyl-N-phenyl-tert-butylacetamido)-
    beta-hydroxyethylamine OXETHAZINE Oxaethacainum Oxaine Oxeta
    caina [INN-Spanish] Oxetacaine Oxetacainum [INN-Latin] Oxeth
    acaina [Italian] Oxethacaine Oxethazaine Oxethazaine [USAN:B
    AN:JAN] Stomacain Tepilta Topicain WY 806

    Smiles: O=C(CN(CCO)CC(=O)N(C)C(C)(C)Cc1ccccc1)N(C)C(C)(C)Cc2ccccc2

    pdb file: 173409.pdb
    sdf file: 173409.sdf

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      126-27-2 13930-31-9 2,2'-((2-Hydroxyethyl)imino)bis(N-(1,1-dimethyl-2-phenylethyl)-N-methylacetamide) 2,2'-((2-Hydroxyethyl)imino)bis(N-(alpha,alpha-dimethylphenethyl)-N-methylacetamide) 2-Di(N-methyl-N-phenyl-tert-butyl-carbamoylmethyl)aminoethanol 4-12-00-02822 (Beilstein Handbook Reference) Acetamide, 2,2'-((2-hydroxyethyl)imino)bis(N-(1,1-dimethyl-2-phenylethyl)-N-methylAcetamide, 2,2'-((2-hydroxyethyl)imino)bis(N-(alpha,alpha-dimethylphenethyl)-N-methyl- BRN 2404063 Betalgil CCRIS 4692 EINECS 204-780-5 Emoren FH 099 Mucaine Mucoxin Muthesa N,N-Bis(N-methyl-N-phenyl-tert-butylacetamido)-beta-hydroxyethylamine OXETHAZINE Oxaethacainum Oxaine Oxetacaina [INN-Spanish] Oxetacaine Oxetacainum [INN-Latin] Oxethacaina [Italian] Oxethacaine Oxethazaine Oxethazaine [USAN:BAN:JAN] Stomacain Tepilta Topicain WY 806
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      126-27-2 13930-31-9
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      4621 1

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