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    300019 2iPA 6-(.gamma.,.gamma.-Dimethylallylamino)purine riboside 6
    -(3-Methyl-2-butenylamino)purine riboside 6-N-[(3-Methyl-2-b
    utenyl)amino]-9-.beta.-D-ribofuranosyl-9H-purine 6-N-[(3-Met
    hyl-2-butenyl)amino]-9.beta.-D-ribofuranosylpurine 7724-76-7
    9.beta.-D-Ribofuranosyl-9H-purine, N-(3-methyl-2-butenylami
    no)- Adenosine, N-(3-methyl-2-butenyl)- Dimethylallyladenosi
    ne IPA Isopentenyl adenine riboside Isopentenyladenosine N-(
    3-Methyl-2-butenyl)adenosine N-Isopentenyladenosine N6-(.DEL
    TA.2-Isopentenyl)adenosine N6-(2-Isopentenyl)adenosine N6-(3
    -Methyl-2-butenyl)adenosine N6-2-Isopentenyladenosine N6-Iso
    pentenyladenosine NSC105546 Riboprine SQ 22,558 SQ 22558 WLN
    : T56 BN DN FN HNJ IM2UY1&1 D- BT5OTJ CQ DQ E1Q ZK 20 242

    Smiles: O1C(CO)C(O)C(O)C1N2C=Nc3c(NCC=C(C)C)ncnc23

    pdb file: 300019.pdb
    sdf file: 300019.sdf

    Please note: images may show incorrect connectivity due to improper geometry. We will be working to improve this situation. For now, the left image should be correct, and the other two are correct, if they match the first.

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      DTP/NCI from molfile. Release-June 2007. Structure Evaluation:Consistent with Molecular Formula. Deposition record created from database webdb on host on Feb 22, 2008
      pubchem substance synonym
      2iPA 6-(.gamma.,.gamma.-Dimethylallylamino)purine riboside 6-(3-Methyl-2-butenylamino)purine riboside 6-N-[(3-Methyl-2-butenyl)amino]-9-.beta.-D-ribofuranosyl-9H-purine 6-N-[(3-Methyl-2-butenyl)amino]-9.beta.-D-ribofuranosylpurine 7724-76-7 9.beta.-D-Ribofuranosyl-9H-purine, N-(3-methyl-2-butenylamino)- Adenosine, N-(3-methyl-2-butenyl)- Dimethylallyladenosine IPA Isopentenyl adenine riboside Isopentenyladenosine N-(3-Methyl-2-butenyl)adenosine N-Isopentenyladenosine N6-(.DELTA.2-Isopentenyl)adenosine N6-(2-Isopentenyl)adenosine N6-(3-Methyl-2-butenyl)adenosine N6-2-Isopentenyladenosine N6-Isopentenyladenosine NSC105546 Riboprine SQ 22,558 SQ 22558
      T56 BN DN FN HNJ IM2UY1&1 D- BT5OTJ CQ DQ E1Q ZK 20 242
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      266767 1

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