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    579063 (Bicyclohexyl)-1-carboxylic acid, 2-(diethylamino)ethyl este
    r, hydrochloride .beta.-Diethylaminoethyl 1-cyclohexylcycloh
    exanecarboxylate hydrochloride .beta.-Diethylaminoethyl-1-cy
    clohexylhexahydrobenzoate hydrochloride 67-92-5 Atumin Bento
    mine Bentyl hydrochloride Bentylol hydrochloride Bis(cyclohe
    xyl)carboxylic acid diethylaminoethyl ester hydrochloride Di
    -Syntramine Dicyclomine hydrochloride Dicycloverin hydrochlo
    ride Dicycloverine hydrochloride Diethylaminocarbethoxybicyc
    lohexyl hydrochloride Diocyl hydrochloride Dyspas Kolantyl h
    ydrochloride Mamiesan Merbentyl NSC404381 Oxityl-P Procyclom
    in Sawamin WLN: L6TJ A- AL6TJ AVO2N2&2 &GH Wyovin hydrochlor
    ide [1,1'-Bicyclohexyl]-1-carboxylic acid, 2-(diethylamino)e
    thyl ester, hydrochloride [Bicyclohexyl]-1-carboxylic acid,
    2-(diethylamino)ethyl ester hydrochloride

    Smiles: O(CCN(CC)CC)C(=O)C1(CCCCC1)C2CCCCC2

    pdb file: 579063.pdb
    sdf file: 579063.sdf

    Please note: images may show incorrect connectivity due to improper geometry. We will be working to improve this situation. For now, the left image should be correct, and the other two are correct, if they match the first.

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      DTP/NCI from SANSS. Release-June 2007. Structure Evaluation:Inconsistent with Molecular Formula no structure mapped to ClH from C19H35NO2.ClH. Deposition record created from database webdb on host on Feb 22, 2008
      pubchem substance synonym
      (Bicyclohexyl)-1-carboxylic acid, 2-(diethylamino)ethyl ester, hydrochloride .beta.-Diethylaminoethyl 1-cyclohexylcyclohexanecarboxylate hydrochloride .beta.-Diethylaminoethyl-1-cyclohexylhexahydrobenzoate hydrochloride 67-92-5 Atumin Bentomine Bentyl hydrochloride Bentylol hydrochloride Bis(cyclohexyl)carboxylic acid diethylaminoethyl ester hydrochloride Di-Syntramine Dicyclomine hydrochloride Dicycloverin hydrochloride Dicycloverine hydrochloride Diethylaminocarbethoxybicyclohexyl hydrochloride Diocyl hydrochloride Dyspas Kolantyl hydrochloride Mamiesan Merbentyl NSC404381 Oxityl-P Procyclomin Sawamin
      L6TJ AAL 6TJ AVO2N2&2 &GH Wyovin hydrochloride [1,1'-Bicyclohexyl]-1-carboxylic acid, 2-(diethylamino)ethyl ester, hydrochloride [Bicyclohexyl]-1-carboxylic acid, 2-(diethylamino)ethyl ester hydrochloride
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      3042 1

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