108-95-2 Molecules Structural Archive and Gallery

108-95-2 Benzenol C00146 Hydroxybenzene Phenic acid Phenol Phenylic acid

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108-95-2 Acide carbolique Baker's P & S liquid & Ointment Baker's P and S Liquid and Ointment Benzenol Carbolic acid Carbolic acid, liquid Fenol Fenolo Hydroxybenzene Izal Monohydroxybenzene Monophenol NCI-C50124 NSC36808 Oxybenzene PHENOL Paoscle PhOH Phenic acid Phenol (liquid) Phenol, liquefied Phenol, liquid Phenol, synthetic Phenole Phenyl alcohol Phenyl hydrate Phenyl hydroxide Phenylic acid Phenylic alcohol Synthetic phenol WLN: QR

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108-95-2 139-02-6 14534-23-7 50356-25-7 8002-07-1 AI3-01814 Acide carbolique [French] Anbesol Baker's P & S liquid & Ointment Baker's P and S Liquid and Ointment Benzene, hydroxy- Benzenol CCRIS 504 Campho-Phenique Cold Sore Gel Campho-Phenique Gel Campho-Phenique Liquid Carbolic acid Carbolic oil Carbolsaure [German] Caswell No. 649 EINECS 203-632-7 EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 064001 FEMA No. 3223 Fenol [Dutch, Polish] Fenolo [Italian] HSDB 113 Hydroxybenzene Izal Liquid phenol Monohydroxybenzene Monophenol NCI-C50124 NSC 36808 Oxybenzene PHENOL Paoscle PhOH Phenic acid Phenol (or solutions with 5 or more phenol) Phenol [JAN] Phenol alcohol Phenol solutions [UN2821] [Poison] Phenol, liquefied Phenol, molten [UN2312]

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108-95-2 139-02-6 Caswell No. 786A EINECS 205-347-3 EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 064002 HSDB 5623 Phenol sodium Phenol sodium salt Phenol, sodium salt Phenol, sodium salt (solid) Phenolate sodium Phenolate sodium [USAN] SODIUM PHENOLATE Sodium carbolate Sodium phenate Sodium phenoxide

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108-95-2 AIDS-000352 AIDS000352 Phenol

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