15825-70-4 Molecules Structural Archive and Gallery

130-39-2 15825-70-4 D-Mannitol, hexanitrate EINECS 239-924-6 Hexanitrate de mannitol [INN-French] Hexanitrate of D-mannitol Hexanitrato de manitol [INN-Spanish] MANNITOL HEXANITRATE Mannitol hexanitrate (dry) [Forbidden] Mannitol hexanitrate [INN] Mannitol hexanitrate, wetted or nitromannite wetted with not <40 water, by mass or mixture of alcohol and water [NA0133] [Explosive 1.1A] Mannitoli hexanitras [INN-Latin] Mannitolo esanitrato [DCIT] Mannityli nitras Mannitylium hexanitricum NA0133 Nitranitol Nitromannite (dry) [Forbidden] Nitromannite, wetted with not < 40 water or mixture of alcohol and water, by mass SDM No. 5

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