2.4967 Molecules Structural Archive and Gallery


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55515-81-6 NSC244967

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38395-64-1 NSC254967

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2-Cyanoethyl 2-methyl-2-propenoate 2-Cyanoethyl methacrylate 2-Propenoic acid, 2-methyl-, 2-cyanoethyl ester (9CI) 4513-53-5 BRN 2349676 Cyanoethyl methacrylate EINECS 224-835-7 METHACRYLIC ACID, ESTER with HYDRACRYONITRILE NSC 32622

pdb file: 163421.pdb
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1,2,3-Thiadiazole-4-carboxylic acid, hydrazide 4-27-00-07911 (Beilstein Handbook Reference) 4100-18-9 BRN 0124558 NSC 521677

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4-(2-((2-((3-Carboxypropanoyl)oxy)ethyl)amino)ethoxy)-4-oxobutanoic acid AIDS-129029 AIDS129029 NSC321228

pdb file: 224967.pdb
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AIDS-139019 AIDS139019 N-(2,4-Dimethoxyphenyl)-3-(3-hydroxy-6-(hydroxy(oxido)amino)-2-quinoxalinyl)-2-oxopropanamide NSC647089

pdb file: 234967.pdb
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directory: 234967

3-(2-(2,4-Dimethylphenyl)-2-oxoethylidene)-3,4-dihydro-2(1H)-quinoxalinone AIDS-149019 AIDS149019 NSC682571

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49673-74-7 NSC174840

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74132-65-3 NSC294967

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49673-84-9 L-Cysteine, S-(carboxymethyl)-, monosodium salt

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