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100A (oxide) 1309-48-4 13589-16-7 185461-91-0 187036-80-2 52933-73-0 82375-77-7 AM 2 (cement additive) Akro-mag Animag Anscor P BayMag CCRIS 3659 Calcined brucite Calcined magnesia Causmag Caustic magnesite EINECS 215-171-9 Elastomag 100 Elastomag 170 FMR-PC Fert-O-Mag FloMag HP FloMag HP-ER Granmag HP 10 (oxide) HSDB 1652 Hamag LP Heavy calcined magnesia Heavy magnesia Heavy magnesium oxide KM 3 (oxide) KM 40 KMACH-F KMB 100-200 Kyowaad 100 Kyowamag 100 Kyowamag 150 Kyowamag 150B Kyowamag 20 Kyowamag 30 Kyowamag 40 Kyowamag 60 Kyowaway 150 Light magnesia Liquimag A Liquimag B Luvatol MK 35 MAGNESIUM OXIDE Mag Chem 10 Mag Chem 10-200 Mag Chem

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1313-13-9 301678-04-6 AI3-52833 BOG manganese Black manganese oxide Braunstein [German] Bruinsteen [Dutch] C.I. 77728 C.I. Pigment Black 14 C.I. Pigment Brown 8 Cement Black EINECS 215-202-6 MANGANESE(IV)OXIDE Mangaanbioxyde [Dutch] Mangaandioxyde [Dutch] Mangandioxid [German] Manganese (biossido di) [Italian] Manganese (bioxyd de) [French] Manganese (diossido di) [Italian] Manganese (dioxyde de) [French] Manganese Black Manganese binoxide Manganese dioxide Manganese dioxide, ore of Chapter 26 Manganese oxide (MnO2) Manganese peroxide Manganese superoxide Manganese(IV) oxide Pyrolusite Brown

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12168-85-3 12285-92-6 12590-23-7 29171-41-3 C3S (Cement component) Calcium oxide silicate (Ca3O(SiO4)) Calcium silicate (Ca3SiO5) Calcium silicon oxide (Ca3SiO5) EINECS 235-336-9 HSDB 880 Natural alite Silicic acid (H6SiO5), calcium salt (1:3) Silicic acid (H6SiO5), tricalcium salt TRICALCIUM SILICATE Tricalcium silicon pentaoxide

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10101-39-0 1344-94-1 1344-95-2 Baysical K C.I. 77230 C.I. Pigment White 28 CS (cement component) Calcium metasilicate Calcium silicate Calcium silicon oxide EINECS 233-250-6 Florite Kemolit ASB 8 K Pigment White 28 Silicic acid (H2SiO3), calcium salt (1:1) beta-Calcium silicate

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