Cesium Molecules Structural Archive and Gallery

7647-17-8 Cesium chloride Cesium chloride (CsCl) Cesium monochloride NSC15198 WLN: CS G

pdb file: 79129.pdb
sdf file: 79129.sdf
directory: 79129

7789-17-5 Cesium iodide Cesium iodide (Cs2I2) Cesium iodide (Cs3I3) Cesium iodide (CsI) Cesium monoiodide Dicesium diiodide NSC15199 Tricesium triiodide WLN: CS I

pdb file: 79130.pdb
sdf file: 79130.sdf
directory: 79130

7787-69-1 Cesium bromide Cesium bromide (CsBr) NSC84269 WLN: CS E

pdb file: 122081.pdb
sdf file: 122081.sdf
directory: 122081

13400-13-0 Cesium fluoride Cesium fluoride (Cs2F2) Cesium fluoride (CsF) Cesium monofluoride Dicesium difluoride NSC84270

pdb file: 122082.pdb
sdf file: 122082.sdf
directory: 122082

534-17-8 CESIUM CARBONATE Carbonic acid, dicesium salt Cesium carbonate (Cs2CO3) Dicesium carbonate EINECS 249-784-8 NSC 112218

pdb file: 154100.pdb
sdf file: 154100.sdf
directory: 154100

12591-09-2 158152-49-9 186348-98-1 59217-67-3 7647-17-8 CESIUM CHLORIDE Caesium chloride Cesium chloride (CsCl) Cesium monochloride Dicesium dichloride EINECS 231-600-2 HSDB 7149 NSC 15198 Tricesium trichloride

pdb file: 166811.pdb
sdf file: 166811.sdf
directory: 166811

186348-97-0 59217-60-6 7787-69-1 CESIUM BROMIDE Caesium bromide Cesium bromide (CsBr) EINECS 232-130-0 NSC 84269 Tricesium tribromide

pdb file: 167111.pdb
sdf file: 167111.sdf
directory: 167111

12285-55-1 12527-22-9 186348-85-6 7789-17-5 CESIUM IODIDE Caesium iodide Cesium iodide (Cs2I2) Cesium iodide (Cs3I3) Cesium iodide (CsI) Cesium monoiodide Dicesium diiodide EINECS 232-145-2 NSC 15199 Tricesium triiodide

pdb file: 167120.pdb
sdf file: 167120.sdf
directory: 167120

10294-54-9 CESIUM SULFATE Caesium sulphate Dicesium sulfate EINECS 233-662-6 Sulfuric acid, dicesium salt

pdb file: 167912.pdb
sdf file: 167912.sdf
directory: 167912

13400-13-0 59217-72-0 CESIUM FLUORIDE Caesium fluoride Cesium fluoride (CsF) Cesium monofluoride Dicesium difluoride EINECS 236-487-3 NSC 84270 Tricesium trifluoride

pdb file: 168713.pdb
sdf file: 168713.sdf
directory: 168713

16331-85-4 39406-88-7 69514-84-7 Arsenic acid (H3AsO4), monocesium salt (8CI,9CI) Arsenic acid cesium salt CAESIUM ARSENATE CDA CDA (frequency multiplier) Cesium arsenate Cesium dihydrogen arsenate

pdb file: 170357.pdb
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directory: 170357


pdb file: 189229.pdb
sdf file: 189229.sdf
directory: 189229

128448-04-4 13454-78-9 Cesium chromate Cesium chromate (Cs2CrO4) Chromic acid (H2CrO4), dicesium salt Dicesium chromate EINECS 236-640-4

pdb file: 197998.pdb
sdf file: 197998.sdf
directory: 197998

7789-18-6 CESIUM NITRATE Caesium nitrate Cesium nitrate or caesium nitrate [UN1451] [Oxidizer] Cesium(I) nitrate (1:1) EINECS 232-146-8 NSC 84271 Nitric acid, cesium salt UN1451

pdb file: 204245.pdb
sdf file: 204245.sdf
directory: 204245

1308-47-0 21351-79-1 Caesium hydroxide Caesium hydroxide [UN2682] [Corrosive] Caesium hydroxide, solution [UN2681] [Corrosive] Cesium hydrate Cesium hydroxide Cesium hydroxide (Cs(OH)) EINECS 244-344-1 NSC 121987 UN2681 UN2682

pdb file: 204694.pdb
sdf file: 204694.sdf
directory: 204694

29703-01-3 Caesium carbonate Carbonic acid, cesium salt Cesium carbonate EINECS 208-591-9

pdb file: 205010.pdb
sdf file: 205010.sdf
directory: 205010

21351-79-1 Cesium hydroxide (Cs(OH)) NSC121987

pdb file: 415845.pdb
sdf file: 415845.sdf
directory: 415845

1068-63-9 Cesium oxalate, Cs2C2O4 NSC78338

pdb file: 551153.pdb
sdf file: 551153.sdf
directory: 551153

7789-18-6 Cesium nitrate Cesium(I) nitrate (1:1) NSC84271 Nitric acid cesium salt Nitric acid, cesium salt WLN: CS N-O3

pdb file: 551958.pdb
sdf file: 551958.sdf
directory: 551958

534-17-8 Carbonic acid dicesium salt Carbonic acid, dicesium salt Cesium carbonate Cesium carbonate (Cs2CO3) Dicesium carbonate NSC112218

pdb file: 554960.pdb
sdf file: 554960.sdf
directory: 554960

12191-06-9 Cesium telluride Cesium telluride (Cs2Te) Dicesium telluride EINECS 235-364-1

pdb file: 659896.pdb
sdf file: 659896.sdf
directory: 659896

15801-97-5 18278-82-5 Cesium bromoiodide Cesium dibromoiodate EINECS 242-155-9 Iodate(1-), dibromo-, cesium

pdb file: 664365.pdb
sdf file: 664365.sdf
directory: 664365

20281-00-9 Cesium oxide (Cs2O) Dicesium oxide EINECS 243-679-0

pdb file: 665253.pdb
sdf file: 665253.sdf
directory: 665253

22750-57-8 Cesium azide Cesium azide (Cs(N3)) EINECS 245-196-0

pdb file: 666588.pdb
sdf file: 666588.sdf
directory: 666588

137-Cesium chloride 20334-19-4 Cesium chloride (137CsCl)

pdb file: 695734.pdb
sdf file: 695734.sdf
directory: 695734

19452-56-3 Cesium trithiomolybdate Molybdate(2-), oxotrithioxo-, (T-4)- Oxotrithiomolybdate Thiomolybdate (moos3) Trithiomolybdate trithiomolybdic acid

pdb file: 698572.pdb
sdf file: 698572.sdf
directory: 698572

13454-81-4 Cesium iodate EINECS 236-642-5 Iodic acid (HIO3), cesium salt

pdb file: 699922.pdb
sdf file: 699922.sdf
directory: 699922

13454-84-7 Cesium perchlorate EINECS 236-643-0 Perchloric acid, cesium salt

pdb file: 699923.pdb
sdf file: 699923.sdf
directory: 699923

13597-64-3 Cesium molybdate Dicesium molybdate EINECS 237-056-2 Molybdate (MoO42-), dicesium, (T-4)- Molybdate, dicesium-

pdb file: 699935.pdb
sdf file: 699935.sdf
directory: 699935

12182-83-1 Cesium hydroxide

pdb file: 715829.pdb
sdf file: 715829.sdf
directory: 715829

12285-54-0 Cesium fluoride

pdb file: 715873.pdb
sdf file: 715873.sdf
directory: 715873

13768-49-5 Perrhenic acid, cesium salt

pdb file: 716230.pdb
sdf file: 716230.sdf
directory: 716230

13845-08-4 Cesium trichlorocadmate

pdb file: 716281.pdb
sdf file: 716281.sdf
directory: 716281

15203-83-5 Cesium trichloroplumbate

pdb file: 716658.pdb
sdf file: 716658.sdf
directory: 716658

17992-03-9 Aluminum cesium tetrachloride

pdb file: 717192.pdb
sdf file: 717192.sdf
directory: 717192

37308-30-8 Cesium diantimonide

pdb file: 719393.pdb
sdf file: 719393.sdf
directory: 719393

39211-00-2 Aluminate(1-), tetrafluoro-, cesium

pdb file: 719625.pdb
sdf file: 719625.sdf
directory: 719625

92141-86-1 Cesium metaborate

pdb file: 722935.pdb
sdf file: 722935.sdf
directory: 722935

95860-62-1 Cesium sodium monofluoride

pdb file: 723006.pdb
sdf file: 723006.sdf
directory: 723006

95860-63-2 Cesium rubidium monochloride

pdb file: 723007.pdb
sdf file: 723007.sdf
directory: 723007

95860-64-3 Sodium cesium monochloride

pdb file: 723008.pdb
sdf file: 723008.sdf
directory: 723008

95932-85-7 Cesium sodium monobromide

pdb file: 723011.pdb
sdf file: 723011.sdf
directory: 723011

3495-36-1 64-18-6 Cesium formate EINECS 222-492-8 Formic acid, cesium salt

pdb file: 723453.pdb
sdf file: 723453.sdf
directory: 723453

3396-11-0 Acetic acid, cesium salt Cesium acetate EINECS 222-248-0

pdb file: 738193.pdb
sdf file: 738193.sdf
directory: 738193

10326-29-1 Cesium selenate Dicesium selenate EINECS 233-712-7 Selenic acid, dicesium salt

pdb file: 743311.pdb
sdf file: 743311.sdf
directory: 743311

12158-58-6 Cesium zirconate Dicesium zirconate EINECS 235-284-7 Zirconate (ZrO32-), dicesium

pdb file: 744013.pdb
sdf file: 744013.sdf
directory: 744013

14284-36-7 Aluminium caesium bis(sulphate) Aluminum cesium sulfate EINECS 238-184-1 Sulfuric acid, aluminum cesium salt (2:1:1)

pdb file: 744482.pdb
sdf file: 744482.sdf
directory: 744482

15586-47-7 Cesium selenite Dicesium selenite EINECS 239-647-0 Selenious acid, dicesium salt

pdb file: 744747.pdb
sdf file: 744747.sdf
directory: 744747

15899-92-0 Cesium tellurite Dicesium tellurium trioxide EINECS 240-037-1 Telluric acid (H2TeO3), dicesium salt

pdb file: 744930.pdb
sdf file: 744930.sdf
directory: 744930

34729-54-9 70495-36-2 Cesium tellurate Dicesium tellurium tetraoxide EINECS 252-172-3 Telluric acid (H2TeO4), dicesium salt

pdb file: 747153.pdb
sdf file: 747153.sdf
directory: 747153

69514-84-7 Arsenic acid (H3AsO4), cesium salt Cesium arsenate

pdb file: 749896.pdb
sdf file: 749896.sdf
directory: 749896

3879-01-4 Cesium thiocyanate CsSCN Thiocyanic acid, cesium salt

pdb file: 766479.pdb
sdf file: 766479.sdf
directory: 766479