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62-54-4 ACETIC ACID, CALCIUM SALT, MONOHYDRATE AI3-02903 Acetate of lime Acetic acid, calcium salt Brown Acetate of Lime Brown acetate CCRIS 4921 Calcium acetate Calcium acetate [USAN:JAN] Calcium di(acetate) Calcium diacetate EINECS 200-540-9 FEMA No. 2228 Gray Acetate of Lime Gray acetate HSDB 928 Lime acetate Lime pyrolignite PhosLo Sorbo-calcion Teltozan Vinegar salts

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1305-62-0 1333-29-5 7719-01-9 AI3-02602 Bell mine Biocalc CALCIUM HYDROXIDE Calbit Calcium dihydroxide Calcium hydrate Calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2) Calcium hydroxide slurry Caldic 1000 Calvit Carboxide Caswell No. 144 EINECS 215-137-3 EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 075601 HSDB 919 Hydralime Hydrated lime Kalkhydrate Kemikal Kentoku K 100 Limbux Lime hydrate Lime milk Lime water Milk of lime NICC 3000 Rhenofit CF Sa 074 Slaked lime Super Microstar Yukijirushisakanyo

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104624-96-6 12610-14-9 1305-78-8 245321-52-2 60873-85-0 Airlock Bell CML(E) Bell CML(P) Burnt lime CALCIUM OXIDE CALX CCRIS 7496 CML 21 CML 31 CML 35 Calcia Calcia (CaO) Calcium monoxide Calcium oxide (CaO) Calcium oxide [UN1910] [Corrosive] Caloxal CPA Caloxol CP2 Caloxol W3 Calx usta Calxyl Caswell No. 147A Chaux vive Desical P EINECS 215-138-9 EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 075604 Gebrannter kalk HSDB 1615 Lime Lime, burned Oxyde de calcium [French] QC-X Quick lime Quicklime Rhenosorb C Rhenosorb F UN1910 Unslaked lime Vesta PP Wapniowy tlenek [Polish]

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5793-88-4 8002-17-3 Antacidin CALCIUM SACCHARATE CCRIS 3259 Calcii saccharas [INN-Latin] Calcium D-glucarate Calcium d-saccharate Calcium glucarate D-Glucaric acid, calcium salt (1:1) EINECS 227-334-1 Glucaric acid, calcium salt (1:1), D- (8CI) NSC 122011 Sacarato calcico [INN-Spanish] Saccharate de calcium [INN-French] Saccharated lime

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104782-63-0 11138-57-1 113609-41-9 138861-06-0 66198-49-0 66198-50-3 8061-52-7 8076-90-2 CALCIUM LIGNOSULFONATE Caswell No. 146 EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 115101 Lignin calcium sulfonate Lignosulfonic acid, calcium salt Lime fractionated, spent pulping liquor, precipitate

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10124-37-5 56532-05-9 94079-75-1 95680-75-4 CALCIUM NITRATE Calcium dinitrate Calcium nitrate [UN1454] [Oxidizer] Calcium nitrate, containing in the anhydrous state more than 16 per cent by weight of nitrogen Calcium saltpeter Calcium(II) nitrate (1:2) EINECS 233-332-1 HSDB 967 Lime nitrate Lime saltpeter Nitric acid, calcium salt Nitrocalcite Norge saltpeter Norway saltpeter Norwegian saltpeter Saltpeter [Norway] Synfat 1006 UN1454

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1304-17-2 17194-00-2 BARIUM HYDROXIDE Barium dihydroxide Barium hydroxide (Ba(OH)2) Barium hydroxide lime Barium hydroxide lime [USAN] Caustic baryta EINECS 241-234-5 HSDB 1605

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12394-14-8 Calcium hydroxide hypochlorite Dibasic calcium hypochlorite Dibasic calcium hypochlorite [Hypochlorite salts] Lime chloride (Ca(ClO)2.2Ca(OH)2)

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156-62-7 Aero cyanamid granular Aero cyanamid special grade Alzodef CCC Calcium carbimide Calcium cyanamid Calcium cyanamide Carbodimid calcium Cy-L 500 Cyanamid Cyanamid granular Cyanamid special grade Cyanamide Cyanamide calcique Cyanamide, calcium salt (1:1) Dipsan Lime nitrogen NCI-C02937 NSC7078 Nitrogen lime Nitrolim Nitrolime Usaf cy-2 WLN: CA NCN

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7778-54-3 B-K Powder Bleaching powder (DOT) Calcium hypochloride Calcium hypochlorite Calcium hypochlorite mixture, dry Calcium oxychloride Caporit Chemichlon G Chloride of lime Chlorinated lime (DOT) HTH Hy-Chlor Hypochlorous acid calcium salt Hypochlorous acid, calcium salt Lime chloride Lo-Bax Losantin NSC21546 chromate mate (K2(C

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5793-88-4 Antacidin Calcium D-glucarate Calcium D-saccharate Calcium saccharate D-Glucaric acid, calcium salt (1:1) Glucaric acid, calcium salt (1:1), D- NSC122011 Saccharated Lime

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1305-78-8 C13140 Calcium oxide Lime

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