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4,6(1H,5H)-Pyrimidinedione, dihydro-5-(2-methylpropyl)-5-(2-propenyl)-2-thioxo-, sodium salt 5-Allyl-5-isobutyl-2-thiobarbituric acid sodium salt 510-90-7 A mixture of 100 parts by weight of the monosodium derivative of 5-allyl-5-isobutyl-2-thiobarbituric acid and 6 parts by weight of exsiccated sodium carbonate BARBITURIC ACID, 5-ALLYL-5-ISOBUTYL-2-THIO-, SODIUM SALT Baytenal Baytinal Butalital sodico [INN-Spanish] Buthalital sodique [INN-French] Buthalital sodium Buthalital sodium [INN] Buthalitalum natricum [INN-Latin] Buthalitone sodium Sodium 5,5-allyl-(2'-methylpropyl)thiobarbiturate Sodium buthalital Sodium buthaliton Sodium buthalitone Thialbutone sodium Thialisobumalnatrium Transithal Ulbreval

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7631-99-4 CCRIS 558 Caswell No. 781 Chile saltpeter Cubic niter EINECS 231-554-3 EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 076104 HSDB 726 NSC 77390 Niter Niter (VAN) Nitrate de sodium [French] Nitrate of soda Nitratine Nitric acid monosodium salt Nitric acid sodium salt Nitric acid, sodium salt SODIUM NITRATE Saltpeter (Chile) Saltpeter (Chile) (VAN) Soda niter Sodium nitrate [UN1498] [Oxidizer] Sodium nitrate(DOT) Sodium nitrate, containing in the dry state more than 16,3 per cent by weight of nitrogen Sodium saltpeter Sodium(I) nitrate (1:1) UN1498 etabisulfite

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218625-70-8 7697-37-2 78989-43-2 Acide nitrique [French] Acido nitrico [Italian] Acido nitrico [Spanish] Acidum nitricum Aqua fortis Azotic acid Azotowy kwas [Polish] EINECS 231-714-2 Engraver's acid HSDB 1665 Hydrogen nitrate Kyselina dusicne [Czech] NITRIC ACID Nital Nitric acid (70 or less) Nitric acid (HNO3) 94.5 by weight or more HNO3 Nitric acid (conc 80 or greater) Nitric acid (greater than 70 ) Nitric acid (red fuming) Nitric acid other than red fuming with

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10086-45-0 15099-12-4 77308-72-6 7790-76-3 CALCIUM PYROPHOSPHATE Calcium diphosphate Calcium phosphate (Ca2P2O7) Calcium pyrophosphate (Ca2P2O7) Dicalcium diphosphate Dicalcium pyrophosphate Dicalcium pyrophosphate, with a fluorine content of less than 0,005 by weight on the dry anhydrous product Diphosphoric acid, calcium salt (1:2) EINECS 232-221-5 HSDB 1435 Pyrophosphoric acid, calcium salt (1:2) alpha-Calcium pyrophosphate

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17107-61-8 8014-95-7 Fuming sulfuric acid HSDB 1236 OLEUM Oleum (Fuming Sulfuric acid) Oleum 65 by weight or more free sulfur trioxide (SO3) Oleum iodisum Sulfur trioxide, mixt. with sulfuric acid Sulfuric acid (fuming) Sulfuric acid fuming Sulfuric acid mixture with sulfur trioxide Sulfuric acid, fuming Sulfuric acid, fuming <30 free sulfur trioxide [UN1831] [Corrosive] Sulfuric acid, fuming

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10043-35-3 12795-04-9 13460-50-9 13813-79-1 AI3-02406 Acidum boricum BORIC ACID Basilit B Bluboro Boracic acid Boric acid (BH3O3) Boric acid (H3BO3) Boric acid (VAN) Boric acid [USAN:JAN] Boric acid, crude natural, containing not more than 85 per cent ofH3BO3 calculated on the dry weight Borofax Boron hydroxide Boron trihydroxide Borsaeure Borsaure [German] CCRIS 855 Caswell No. 109 Collyrium Eye Wash Collyrium Fresh-Eye Drops Dr.'s 1 Flea Terminator DF Dr.'s 1 Flea Terminator DFPBO Dr.'s 1 Flea Terminator DT Dr.'s 1 Flea Terminator DTPBO EINECS 233-139-2 EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 011001 Flea Prufe HSDB 1432 NCI-C56417 NSC 81726 Orthoboric acid Orthoboric

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10124-37-5 56532-05-9 94079-75-1 95680-75-4 CALCIUM NITRATE Calcium dinitrate Calcium nitrate [UN1454] [Oxidizer] Calcium nitrate, containing in the anhydrous state more than 16 per cent by weight of nitrogen Calcium saltpeter Calcium(II) nitrate (1:2) EINECS 233-332-1 HSDB 967 Lime nitrate Lime saltpeter Nitric acid, calcium salt Nitrocalcite Norge saltpeter Norway saltpeter Norwegian saltpeter Saltpeter [Norway] Synfat 1006 UN1454

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11120-35-7 11129-22-9 11129-23-0 177697-01-7 24967-94-0 42616-56-8 9045-59-4 9083-19-6 Chondroitin sulfate B Chondroitin sulfate type B Chondroitinsulfuric acid Chondroitinsulfuric acid B Chondroitinsulfuric acid type B Chondroitinsulfuric acid, type B Chondroitinsulfuric acids, type B DERMATAN SULFATE DS 435 Dermatan 4-sulfate Dermatan hydrogen sulfate Dermatan sulfate, low molecular weight Dermatan sulphate Dermatan, 4-(hydrogen sulfate) Dermatan, hydrogen sulfate (ester) Desmin 370 EINECS 246-552-8 MF 701 MF 701 (polysaccharide) MF701 beta-Heparin

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4-01-00-02412 (Beilstein Handbook Reference) 66492-77-1 693-21-0 BRN 1791998 Bis(hydroxyaethyl)-aether-dinitrat [German] CCRIS 3415 Di(hydroxyethyl) ether dinitrate Diethylene glycol dinitrate Diethylene glycol dinitrate [Forbidden] Diethylene glycol dinitrate, desensitized with not <25 non-volatile water-insoluble phlegmatizer, by weight [UN0075] [Explosive 1.1D] Diethylene glycol, dinitrate Diethyleneglycol dinitrate Diethylenglykoldinitrate [Czech] Diglycol (dinitrate de) [French] Diglycoldinitraat [Dutch] Diglykoldinitrat [German] Dinitrate de diethylene-glycol [French] Dinitrodiglicol [Italian] Dinitrodiglykol [Czech] EINECS 211-745-8 ETHANOL, 2,2'-OXYBIS-, DINITRATE Ethanol, 2,2'-oxybisdinitrate Oxydiethylene dinitrate UN0075

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13424-46-9 85941-57-7 EINECS 236-542-1 LEAD AZIDE Lead azide (P6N6) Lead azide (Pb(N3)2) Lead azide (dry) [Forbidden] Lead azide, wetted with not <20 water or mixture of alcohol and water, by weight [UN0129] [Explosive 1.1A] Lead diazide Lead(2+) azide RD 1333 UN0129

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10086-45-0 14866-19-4 Calcium dihydrogenpyrophosphate, with a fluorine content of 0,005 or more by weight on the dry anhydrous product Diphosphoric acid, calcium salt (1:1) EINECS 238-933-2

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13477-39-9 Calcium bis(metaphosphate) Calcium dimetaphosphate (Ca(PO3)2) Calcium metaphosphate Calcium metaphosphate, with a fluorine content of less than 0,005 by weight on the dry anhydrous product Calcium phosphate (Ca(PO3)2) EINECS 236-769-6 Metaphosphoric acid (HPO3), calcium salt Metaphosphoric acid, calcium salt

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