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7722-64-7 AI3-52835 Algae-K Argucide C.I. 77755 CCRIS 5561 CI 77755 Cairox Caswell No. 699 Chameleon mineral Condy's crystals Diversey Diversol CX with Arodyne Diversey Diversol CXU EINECS 231-760-3 EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 068501 HSDB 1218 Hilco

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7722-64-7 C.I. 77755 Cairox Chameleon mineral Condy's crystals Insta-perm Kaliumpermanganaat Kaliumpermanganat Manganese potassium oxide (KMnO4) NSC146182 Permanganate de potassium Permanganate of potash Permanganic acid (HMnO4), potassium salt Permanganic acid potassium salt Permanganic acid, potassium salt Potassio (permanganato di) Potassium (permanganate de) Potassium manganate (KMnO4) Potassium permanganate WLN: FE S-O4(

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