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1314-60-9 A 1530 (metal oxide) A 1550 A 2550 AGO 40 ANTIMONY PENTOXIDE Anchimonzol A 2550 Antimonic oxide Antimony oxide (Sb2O5) Antimony pentaoxide Apox S CCRIS 4497 Diantimony pentaoxide Diantimony pentoxide EINECS 215-237-7 HFR 201 Nyacol 1550 Nyacol A 1590 Nyacol ADP 480 Nyacol ADP 494 Nyacol AGO 40 Sanka Anchimonzol A 2550M Stibic anhydride Sun Epoch NA 100 Sun Epoch NA 3070P Sun Epoch NA 3080P Suncolloid AME 130 Suncolloid AMT 130

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37316-80-6 67291-51-4 7446-32-4 ANTIMONY(III) SULFATE (2:3) Antimonous sulfate Antimony sulfate Antimony trisulfate Diantimony tris(sulphate) Diantimony trisulfate EINECS 231-207-6 Sulfuric acid, antimony salt

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11071-15-1 14284-27-6 ANTIMONY POTASSIUM TARTRATE Antimonate(2-), bis(mu-((2R,3R)-2,3-di(hydroxy-kappaO)butanedioato(4-)-kappaO1:kappaO4))di-, dipotassium Antimonate(2-), bis(mu-(2,3-dihydroxybutanedioato(4-)-O1,O2:O3,O4))di-, dipotassium, stereoisomer Antimony potassium tartrate anhydrous Dipotassium bis(mu-(tartrato(4-)-O1,O2:O3,O4))diantimonate(2-) , stereoisomer EINECS 234-293-3 L-Antimony potassium tartrate L-Tartaric acid, antimony potassium salt Potassium antimonyl L-tartrate

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12125-10-9 1332-41-8 1332-43-0 16039-64-8 26282-95-1 28300-74-5 304-61-0 53318-72-2 8012-64-4 AI3-19187 ANTIMONY POTASSIUM TARTRATE TRIHYDRATE Antimonate (2-), bis(mu-(2,3-dihydroxybutanedioato(4-)-O1,O2,O3,O4))di-, dipotassium, trihydrate, stereoisomer Antimonate(2)-, bis(mu-tartrato(4-))di-, dipotassium, trihydrate Antimonate(2-), bis(mu-(2,3-dihydroxybutanedioato(4-)-O(sup 1),O(sup 2):O(sup 3),O(sup 4)))-di-, dipotassium, trihydrate, stereoisomer Antimonate(2-), bis(mu-(2,3-dihydroxybutanedioato(4-)-O1,O2:O3,O4))di-, dipotassium, trihydrate, stereoisomer Antimonate(2-), bis(u-(2,3-dihydroxybutanedioato(4-)-O1,O2,O3,O4))di-, dipotassium, trihydrate Antimony potassium tartrate Antimony potassium tartrate [UN1551] [Poison] Antimony potassium tartrate [USAN] Antimonyl potassium tartrate CCRIS 1380 Caswell No. 053 Dipotassium bis(mu-(L-(+)-tartrato(4-)))diantimonate(2-) trihydrate ENT 50,434 EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 006201 Emetique [French] HSDB 1428 Potassium antimony tartrate Potassium antimonyl d-tartrate Potassium antimonyl tartrate Potassium antimonyltartrate Tartar emetic Tartaric acid, antimony potassium salt Tartarized antimony Tartox Tartrate antimonio-potassique

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13510-89-9 16521-45-2 Antimony lead oxide (Sb2Pb3O8) Diantimony trilead octaoxide EINECS 236-845-9 Lead antimonate Lead antimonate(V)

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64070-14-0 Antimonate(2-), bis(mu-(2,3-dihydroxybutanedioato(4-)-O1,O2:O3,O4))di-, stereoisomer, dihydrogen, compd. with 2-methoxybenzenamine (1:2) Benzenamine, 2-methoxy-, stereoisomer of bis(mu-(2,3-dihydroxybutanedioato(4-)-O1,O2:O3,O4))diantimonate(2-) (2:1) o-Anisidine antimonyl tartrate

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129680-26-8 1315-04-4 ANTIMONY PENTASULFIDE Antimonial saffron Antimonic sulfide Antimony Red Antimony sulfide Antimony sulfide (Sb2S5) Antimony sulfide golden C.I. 77061 Diantimony pentasulphide EINECS 215-255-5 Golden antimony sulfide

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1332-81-6 ANTIMONY TETROXIDE Antimony oxide Antimony oxide (Sb2O4) Diantimony tetraoxide EINECS 215-576-0

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Cobalt(1+), bis(1,2-ethanediamine-N,N')bis(nitrito-N)-, stereoisomer of bis[.mu.-[2,3-dihydroxybutanedioato(4-)-O1,O2:O3,O4]]diantimonate(2-) (2:1) NSC309439

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1315-05-5 72924-94-8 Antimony selenide (Sb2Se3) Antimony triselenide Diantimony triselenide EINECS 215-256-0

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12359-48-7 Antimony sulfide (Sb2S4) Antimony thioantimonate CCRIS 5573 Diantimony tetrasulfide Diantimony tetrasulphide EINECS 235-609-2

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12294-12-1 Diantimony diselenide

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12323-25-0 Dibismuth diantimonide

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37308-30-8 Cesium diantimonide

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61142-81-2 Diantimony disulfide

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52195-07-0 52554-24-2 Antimonate(2-), bis(mu-(2,3-dihydroxybutanedioato(4)-O(sup 1),O(sup 2),O(sup 3),O(sup 4)))di-, stereoisomer, dihydrogen, compd. with piperazine (1:1) Bilharcid Piperazine diantimony tartrate

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