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1,1'-Spirobi[3H-2,1-benzoxathiole]-3,3'-dione 33973-62-5 Bis(2-carboxyphenyl)sulfur dihydroxide dilactone NSC259699

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1305-62-0 1333-29-5 7719-01-9 AI3-02602 Bell mine Biocalc CALCIUM HYDROXIDE Calbit Calcium dihydroxide Calcium hydrate Calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2) Calcium hydroxide slurry Caldic 1000 Calvit Carboxide Caswell No. 144 EINECS 215-137-3 EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 075601 HSDB 919 Hydralime Hydrated lime Kalkhydrate Kemikal Kentoku K 100 Limbux Lime hydrate Lime milk Lime water Milk of lime NICC 3000 Rhenofit CF Sa 074 Slaked lime Super Microstar Yukijirushisakanyo

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11120-55-1 13009-77-3 1319-46-6 1344-36-1 37185-13-0 37316-84-0 37361-76-5 Basic lead carbonate Basic lead carbonate (2PbCO3.Pb(OH)2) Berlin white CI pigment white 1 Carbonic acid, lead salt, basic Ceruse Cerussa EINECS 215-290-6 Flake lead HSDB 5701 LEAD HYDROXIDE CARBONATE Lead carbonate hydroxide Lead carbonate hydroxide (Pb3(OH)2(CO3)2) Lead subcarbonate Lead, bis(carbonato(2-))dihydroxytri- Lead, bis(carbonato)dihydroxytri- Silver white Trilead bis(carbonate) dihydroxide White lead White lead, hydrocerussite

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3343-54-2 7047-84-9 ALUMINUM, DIHYDROXY(STEARATO)- Aluminum monostearate [JAN] Aluminum, dihydroxide stearate Aluminum, dihydroxy(octadecanoato-O-)- Aluminum, dihydroxy(octadecanoato-kappaO)- Aluminum, monostearate Dibasic aluminum stearate Dihydroxy(stearato)aluminum Dihydroxyaluminium stearate, pure Dihydroxyaluminum stearate EINECS 230-325-5 Stearates

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12054-48-7 12125-56-3 EINECS 235-008-5 Green nickel oxide HSDB 1827 NICKEL HYDROXIDE Nickel dihydroxide Nickel hydroxide (II) Nickel hydroxide (Ni(OH)2) Nickel hydroxide (amorphous) [Nickel and nickel compounds] Nickel(2+) hydroxide Nickel(II) hydroxide Nickelous hydroxide

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13422-51-0 8017-22-9 AlphaRedisol Axion Axlon Ciplamin H Cobalamin, hydroxo- Cobalex Cobinamide dihydroxide dihydrogen phosphate (ester), mono(inner salt), 3'-ester with 5,6-dimethyl-1-alpha-D-ribofuranosylbenzimidazole Cobinamide hydroxide phosphate 3'-ester with 5,6-dimethyl-1-alpha-D-ribofuranosylbenzimidazole inner salt Cobinamide, Co-hydroxy-, dihydrogen phosphate (ester), inner salt, 3'-ester with (5,6-dimethyl-1-alpha-D-ribofuranosyl-1H-benzimidazole-kappaN3) Cobinamide, dihydroxide, dihydrogen phosphate (ester), mono (inner salt), 3'- ester with 5,6-dimethyl-1-alpha-D-ribofuranosylbenzimidazole Cobinamide, dihydroxide, dihydrogen phosphate (ester), mono(inner salt), 3'-ester with 5,6-dimethyl-1-alpha-D-ribofuranosyl-1H-benzimidazole Cobinamide, hydroxide, dihydrogen phosphate (ester), inner salt, 3'-ester with 5,6-dimethyl-1-alpha-D-ribofuranosyl-1H-benzimidazole Codroxomin Depogamma Docclan Docelan Docelvita Docevita Ducobee-Hy Duradoce Duralta-12 EINECS 236-533-2 HSDB 3342 HYDROXOCOBALAMIN Hidroxocobalamina [INN-Spanish] Hydrobamine Hydrocobalamin Hydrogrisevit Hydrovit Hydroxocobalamin [USAN:BAN:INN:JAN] Hydroxocobalamine Hydroxocobalamine [INN-French] Hydroxocobalaminum [INN-Latin] Hydroxocobemine Hydroxy

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1304-17-2 17194-00-2 BARIUM HYDROXIDE Barium dihydroxide Barium hydroxide (Ba(OH)2) Barium hydroxide lime Barium hydroxide lime [USAN] Caustic baryta EINECS 241-234-5 HSDB 1605

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1310-15-2 18624-44-7 53468-07-8 8064-01-5 EINECS 242-456-5 Ferrous hydroxide IRON HYDROXIDE Iron dihydroxide Iron hydroxide (Fe(OH)2)

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12191-17-2 1308-57-2 177322-39-3 20427-59-2 42616-63-7 Blue Copper Blue Shield Blue Shield DF CUPRIC HYDROXIDE Caswell No. 242 Champ Champ Formula II Comac Parasol Copper blue Copper dihydroxide Copper hydroxide Copper hydroxide (Cu(OH)2) Copper(2+) hydroxide Copper(II) hydroxide Cupravit Blue Cupravit blau Cupric Hydroxide Formulation Grade Agricultural Fungicide Cuzin EINECS 243-815-9 EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 023401 Funguran OH HSDB 262 Hydrocop T KOP Hydroxide KOP Hydroxide WP Kocide Kocide 101 Kocide 101PM Kocide 2000 Kocide 220 Kocide 404 Kocide Copper Hydroxide Antifouling Pigment Kocide Cupric Hydroxide Formulation Grade Kocide DF Kocide LF Kocide SD Kuprablau Nu-Cop Parasol Spin Out FP Technical

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12602-23-2 186361-92-2 Cobalt basic carbonate Cobalt carbonate hydroxide Cobalt carbonate hydroxide (Co5(CO3)2(OH)6) Cobalt carbonate, cobalt dihydroxide (2:3) Cobalt(II) carbonate hydroxide (2:3) Cobalt, bis(carbonato(2-))hexahydroxypenta- Di(carbonato(2-))hexahydroxypentacobalt EINECS 235-714-3

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1H-Imidazole-1-ethanol, 4,5-dihydro-2-undecyl, dicarboxymethylated,disodium salt 1H-Imidazolium, 1,3-bis(carboxymethyl)-4,5-dihydro-1-(2-hydroxyethyl)-2-undecyl-, dihydroxide, disodium salt 68527-99-1 Disodium 1,3-bis(carboxymethyl)-4,5-dihydro-1-(2-hydroxyethyl)-2-undecyl-1H-imidazolium dihydroxide EINECS 271-292-7

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12141-50-3 12183-81-2 1333-33-1 20427-58-1 Caswell No. 916 EINECS 243-814-3 EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 088501 ZINC HYDROXIDE Zinc dihydroxide Zinc hydroxide (Zn(OH)2)

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1307-85-3 21041-93-0 Cobalt dihydroxide Cobalt hydroxide (Co(OH)2) Cobalt(2+) hydroxide Cobalt(II) hydroxide Cobaltous hydroxide EINECS 244-166-4

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1306-13-4 13589-17-8 21041-95-2 AI3-09097 Cadmium dihydroxide Cadmium hydroxide Cadmium hydroxide (Cd(OH)2) Cadmium hydroxide [Cadmium and cadmium compounds] EINECS 244-168-5

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535-46-6 Benzenestibonic acid Dihydroxyphenylantimony oxide NSC172837 Phenylantimony oxide dihydroxide Phenylstibonic acid Stibine oxide, dihydroxyphenyl-

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535-46-6 Benzenestibonic acid Dihydroxyphenylantimony oxide NSC179776 Phenylantimony oxide dihydroxide Phenylstibonic acid Stibine oxide, dihydroxyphenyl-

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13355-96-9 Butylchlorotin dihydroxide NSC323990 Stannane, butylchlorodihydroxy-

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directory: 457788

12135-22-7 EINECS 235-219-2 Palladium dihydroxide Palladium hydroxide Palladium hydroxide (Pd(OH)2)

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12135-23-8 EINECS 235-220-8 Platinum dihydroxide Platinum hydroxide (Pt(OH)2)

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13355-96-9 Butylchlorodihydroxystannane Butylchlorotin dihydroxide EINECS 236-406-1 NSC 323990 Stannane, butylchlorodihydroxy-

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18167-12-9 2,2'-Bis(1,6-dioxohexane-1,6-diyl)bis(1-(2-hydroxypropyl)-1,1-dimethylhydrazinium) dihydroxide EINECS 242-050-8

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4,4'-Stilbenebis(diazonium), 2,2'-disulfo-, dihydroxide, inner salt 57153-16-9 Benzenediazonium, 4,4'-(1,2-ethenediyl)bis(3-sulfo-, bis(inner salt)

pdb file: 669576.pdb
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63981-20-4 Bis-4-acetamino-phenyl selenium dihydroxide Selenium, (4-acetamidophenyl)dihydroxy-

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16482-55-6 Aluminate(1-), (carbonato(2-)-kappaO,kappaO')dihydroxy-, sodium, (T-4)- Aluminium-natrium-carbonat-dihydroxid Aluminum sodium dihydroxide monocarbonate Antacidum Daxaids Dihydroxo-aluminium-natrium-carbonat Dihydroxyaluminium sodium carbonate Dihydroxyaluminum sodium carbonate (coordination complex) [USAN] EINECS 240-536-4 Kompensan Minicid Noacid Rolaids Sodium aluminum carbonate hydroxide (NaAl(CO3)(OH2))

pdb file: 710965.pdb
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directory: 710965

103739-44-2 2,2'-PB-Trimethylhydrazinium 2,2'-Phthaloyl bis(trimethylhydrazinium) 2,2'-Phthaloyl bis(trimethylhydrazinium) dihydroxide bis(inner salt) Hydrazinium, 2,2'-(1,2-phenylenedicarbonyl)bis(1,1,1-trimethyl-, dihydroxide, bis(inner salt)

pdb file: 724773.pdb
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directory: 724773

1310-45-8 8053-12-1 EINECS 215-179-2 Ferric subsulfate [Solution] Iron dihydroxide pentakis(sulphate) Iron hydroxide sulfate (Fe4(OH)2(SO4)5)

pdb file: 736808.pdb
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directory: 736808

1,6-Bis(dibutylethylammonium)hexane dihydroxide 1,6-Hexanediaminium, N,N,N',N'-tetrabutyl-N,N'-diethyl-, dihydroxide 111960-92-0

pdb file: 741334.pdb
sdf file: 741334.sdf
directory: 741334

14338-89-7 2,2'-Ipb-trimethylhydrazinium 2,2'-Isophthaloyl bis(trimethylhydrazinium) 2,2'-Isophthaloyl bis(trimethylhydrazinium) dihydroxide bis(inner salt) Hydrazinium, 2,2'-(1,3-phenylenedicarbonyl)bis(1,1,1-trimethyl-, bis(inner salt)

pdb file: 744500.pdb
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directory: 744500

14552-35-3 52769-67-2 Bis(ethylenediamine)copper dihydroxide Copper(2+), bis(1,2-ethanediamine-kappaN,kappaN')-, dihydroxide, (SP-4-1)- EINECS 238-597-7 Ethylenediamine copper(II) hydroxide

pdb file: 744547.pdb
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directory: 744547

15445-15-5 EINECS 239-462-5 Platinum(2+), tetrakis(hydroxylamine-kappaN)-, dihydroxide, (SP-4-1)- Tetrakis(hydroxylamine)platinum dihydroxide

pdb file: 744727.pdb
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directory: 744727

2,2'-Terephthaloyl bis(trimethylhydrazinium) 2,2'-Terephthaloyl bis(trimethylhydrazinium) dihydroxide bis(inner salt) 2,2'-Tpb-trimethylhydrazinium 34180-13-7 Hydrazinium, 2,2'-(1,4-phenylenedicarbonyl)bis(1,1,1-trimethyl-, bis(inner salt)

pdb file: 747089.pdb
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directory: 747089

68833-88-5 Bis(tetraamminecopper) carbonatedihydroxide Copper tetraamine, dihydroxide, carbonate complex salt Copper(2+), tetraammine-, carbonate hydroxide (2:1:2) EINECS 272-415-7

pdb file: 750471.pdb
sdf file: 750471.sdf
directory: 750471

1,1'-Bis(3-sulfopropyl)-4,4'-bipyridinium dihydroxide, bis (inner salt) 4,4'-Bipyridinium, 1,1'-bis(3-sulfopropyl)-, dihydroxide, bis (inner salt) 77951-49-6 N,N'-Dipropyl-4,4'-bipyridinium sulfonate Pvs-4,4'

pdb file: 751416.pdb
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directory: 751416

79771-28-1 89286-75-9 EINECS 279-256-2 Pyridinium, 1,1'-((6,13-dichloro-4,11-disulfo-3,10-triphenodioxazinediyl)bis(imino-2,1-ethanediylimino(6-((2,5-disulfophenyl)amino)-1,3,5-triazine-4,2-diyl)))bis(3-carboxy-, bis(inner salt), hexasodium salt Pyridinium, 1,1'-((6,13-dichloro-4,11-disulfo-3,10-triphenodioxazinediyl)bis(imino-2,1-ethanediylimino(6-((2,5-disulfophenyl)amino)-1,3,5-triazine-4,2-diyl)))bis(3-carboxy-, dihydroxide, bis(inner salt), hexasodium salt

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