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The molecule of the day is: Ephedrine

Ephedrine, also known as ephedra, is in a class of molecules known as phenylamines, which have divers properties, and are often neuro-active stimulants, such as trimethyl-amphetamine, speed. Unlike amphetamines, Ephedrine is only a mild stimulant, although it does synergize, as it were, with other mild stimulants, such as caffeine. Phenylamines sometimes also have a depressive effect. The primary reason for their neuro-activity is their structural similarity to neurotransmitters in the brain, such as epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine. They are also somewhat similar to other neurotransmitters which are produced in the brain, such as tryptamine. Ephedra is an herbal extract, which contains ephedrine, and it was taken off the market due to various health concerns. It is enjoying a resurgance, due to its appetite suppressive property. Ephedrine has remained on the market the whole time, and it is often used in a 'stack' with caffeine and aspirin. Great care should be taken in using these products, which can have adverse side effects.

other names: (-)-Ephedrine (-)-alpha-(1-Methylaminoethyl)benzyl alcohol (L)-EPHEDRINE 1-2-Methylamino-1-phenylpropanol 1-Hydroxy-2-methylamino-1-phenylpropane 1-Phenyl-1-hydroxy-2-methylaminopropane 1-Phenyl-2-methylaminopropanol 1-Sedrin 1-alpha-(1-Methylaminoethyl)benzyl alcohol 2-Methylamino-1-phenyl-1-propanol 299-42-3 321-96-0 6912-63-6 AI3-02761 Benzenemethanol, alpha-((1S)-1-(methylamino)ethyl)-, (alphaR)- Benzenemethanol, alpha-(1-(methylamino)ethyl)-, (-)- Benzenemethanol, alpha-(1-(methylamino)ethyl)-, (R-(R*,S*))- Biophedrin EINECS 206-080-5 Eciphin Efedrin Ephedral Ephedremal Ephedrin Ephedrine Ephedrine [USAN:BAN] Ephedrine l-form Ephedrine, L-(-)- Ephedrital Ephedrol Ephedrosan Ephedrotal Ephedsol Ephendronal Ephoxamin Fedrin HSDB 3072 I-Sedrin Kratedyn L(-)-Ephedrine Lexofedrin Manadrin Mandrin NCI-C55652 NSC 170951 NSC 8971 Nasol Norephedrine, N-methyl- Sanedrine Vencipon Zephrol alpha-(1-(Methylamino)ethyl)benzenemethanol alpha-Hydroxy-beta-methyl amine propylbenzene alpha-Hydroxy-beta-methylaminopropylbenzene l-2-Methylamino-1-phenylpropanol l-Ephedrine l-alpha-(1-Methylaminoethyl)benzyl alcohol

related molecule names: Chinese Ephedra Ephedra sinica (alc. extract - leaf,stem) NSC20502 Ephedra equisetina (alc. extract - leaf,stem) Mongolian Ephedra NSC20503 Ephedra distachya (alc. extract -leaf,stem) Jointfir Ephedra NSC20504 Ephedra Ephedra procera (alc. extract - leaf,stem) NSC20508 Ephedra altissima (alc. extract - leaf,stem) Highclimbing Ephedra NSC20509 Ephedra gerardiana (alc. extract - leaf, stem) Gerard Ephedra NSC20510 NSC645926 Phytochemical fraction from an Ephedra sp. plant AIDS-028189 AIDS028189 Ephedra sinica (Stapf), extract AIDS-085732 AIDS085732 Ephedra americana (Ephedraceae), extract Ephedra americana H. et B.(Ephedraceae), extract Pinco pinco

molecule directory: 152489

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pdb file, 152489.pdb
CAS: 299-42-3
Canonical SMILES: CC(C(C1=CC=CC=C1)O)NC

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