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1,4:3,6-Dianhydro-D-glucitol dinitrate 1,4:3,6-Dianhydrosorbitol 2,5-dinitrate 54650-95-2 6659-58-1 87-33-2 Angidil Astridine BiDil CCRIS 1910 Cardio 10 Cardis Carvanil Carvasin Cedocard Claodical Cornilat Coronex Corosorbide Corovliss D-Glucitol, 1,4:3,6-dianhydro-, dinitrate D-Isosorbide dinitrate Dianhydrosorbitol 2,5-dinitrate Difutrat Dignionitrat Dilatrate Dilatrate SR Dilatrate-SR Diniket Dinitrate d'isosorbide [INN-French] Dinitrato de isosorbida [INN-Spanish] Dinitroisosorbide Dinitrosorbide Disorlon EINECS 201-740-9 Emoper EureCor Flindix Frandol Glucitol, 1,4:3,6-dianhydro-, dinitrate, D- HSDB 3417 Harrical IBD 20 ISDN ISOSORBIDE DINITRATE Iso-Mack Iso-Puren Iso-bid Isochron Isodinit Isoket Isoket retard 40 Isorbid Isordil Isordil Tembids Isosorbide 2,5-dinitrate Isosorbide dinitrate [USAN:BAN:INN:JAN] Isosorbide dinitrate mixture with not <60 lactose, mannose, starch or calcium hydrogen phosphate [UN2907] [Flammable solid]

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