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14982-50-4 C08348 Galacturonic acid

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.alpha.-D-Galactopyranuronic acid .alpha.-D-Galacturonic acid 6294-16-2 GALACTURONIC ACID, ALPHA,(D) HYDRATE Galactopyranuronic acid, .alpha.-D- NSC9248

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685-73-4 D-Galactopyranuronic acid D-Galacturonic acid Galactopyranuronic acid, D- Galacturonic acid, D- NSC212542

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2-Quinuclidinemethanol, alpha-(6-methoxy-4-quinolyl)-5-vinyl-, galacturonate (salt) 28371-10-0 7681-28-9 Cardioquin EINECS 231-663-6 Galactoquin Galacturonic acid, compd. with (9S)-6'-methoxycinchonan-9-ol (1:1) (9CI) Galacturonic acid, compd. with alpha-(6-methoxy-4-quinolyl)-5-vinyl-2-quinuclidinemethanol Galacturonic acid, compd. with quinidine Galacturonic acid, compound with (9S)-6'-methoxycinchonan-9-ol Naticardina Quinidine galacturonate Sineflutter

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14982-50-4 EINECS 239-061-5 Galacturonic acid

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11100-11-1 685-73-4 D-Galactopyranuronic acid D-Galacturonic acid EINECS 211-682-6 Galacturonic acid, D- NSC 212542

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