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57-24-9 Certox Dolco mouse cereal Kwik-Kil Mole death Mouse-Nots Mouse-Rid Mouse-Tox NSC5365 Pied piper mouse seed Ro-Dex STRYCHNINE Sanaseed Stricnina Strychnidin-10-one Strychnin Strychnos WLN: T6 G656 B7 C6 E5 D 5ABCEF A& FX MNV QO VN SU AHT&&TTTTJ

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101324-33-8 57-24-9 6899-11-2 Boomer-rid Caswell No. 805 Certox Dolco mouse cereal EINECS 200-319-7 EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 076901 Estricnina Gopher bait Gopher-gitter HSDB 2001 Hare-Rid Kwik-kil Mole death Mouse-nots Mouse-rid Mouse-tox NSC 5365 Pied piper mouse seed RCRA waste no. P108 RCRA waste number P108 Ro-Dex STRYCHNINE Sanaseed Stricnina [Italian] Strychinos Strychnidin-10-one Strychnin Strychnin [German] Strychnine [BSI:ISO] Strychnine and salts Strychnine or strychnine salts [UN1692] [Poison] Strychnos UN1692

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124-87-8 3,6-Methano-8H-1,5,7-trioxacyclopenta[ij]cycloprop[a]azulene-4,8(3H)-dione, hexahydro-2a-hydroxy-9-(1-hydroxy-1-methylethyl)-8b-methyl-, (1aR,2aR,3S,6R,6aS,8aS,8bR,9S)- & (1aR,2aR,3S,6R,6aS,8aS,8bR,9R)-hexahydro-2a-hydroxy-8b-methyl-9-(1-methylethenyl)-3,6-methano-8H-1,5,7-trioxacyclopenta[ij]cycloprop[a]azulene-4,8(3H)-dione (1:1) AIDS-002705 AIDS002705 Cocculin NSC403139 Picrotoxin (Compound of one mole Picrotoxinin and one mole Picrotin) Sesquiterpene

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12193-25-8 Perchloric acid, sodium salt, compd. with 1 mole of octamethyl pyrophosphoramide Pyrophosphoramide, octamethyl- compd. with sodium perchlorate (1:1) Sodium perchlorate compd. with octamethylpyrophosphoramide Sodium(1+), octamethyldiphosphoramide-(op,Op')-, perchlorate Sodium(1+), octamethylpyrophosphoramide-, perchlorate

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