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1338-93-8 14797-70-7 7782-44-7 80217-98-7 80937-33-3 CCRIS 1228 EINECS 231-956-9 HSDB 5054 Hyperoxia LOX Liquid oxygen Molecular oxygen OXYGEN Oxigeno [Spanish] Oxygen (liquid) Oxygen molecule Oxygen, compressed [UN1072] [Nonflammable gas] Oxygen, liquified Oxygen, refrigerated liquid (cryogenic liquid) [UN1073] [Nonflammable gas] Oxygen-16 Oxygene [French] Oxygenium Oxygenium medicinale Pure oxygen Sauerstoff UN1072 UN1073

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100041-56-3 152232-07-0 199015-70-8 256933-14-9 37265-05-7 37265-06-8 9004-53-9 9072-45-1 AI3-01627 Amaizo 1706 Amaizo 1752S Amycol 1 Aquaflake 31 Arabix 6 Arabix 7 Avedex 35 Avedex 58MD14 Avedex 58MD14C Avedex W 15 Avedex W 90 British gum C 23 (polysaccaride) CCRIS 6614 CPC 8071 Caloreen Canary S 8032 Caswell No. 279I Corn dextrin Cream Dextrin 15 Crystal Gum Crystal Tex 627 D 3100 (gum) D 400E DF 2600 Dextrid Dextrin Dextrin (corn) Dextrin 10 Dextrin 101 Dextrin 1104 Dextrin 12 Dextrin 1719 Dextrin 20 Dextrin 3 Dextrin, having more than 85 of its molecules with molecular masses between 1640 and 45,000

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12185-10-3 51273-58-6 Molecular phosphorus P4 Phosphorus (yellow) Phosphorus molecule (P4) Phosphorus tetraatomic molecule Phosphorus tetramer Phosphorus white, moten [UN2447] [Spontaneously combustible] Phosphorus, mol.(P4) Phosphorus, white Phosphorus, white or yellow, dry or under water or in solution Phosphorus, white or yellow, moten Phosphorus, yellow Phosphoruws, white or yellow, dry or under water or in solution [UN1381] [Spontaneously combustible, poison] Tetraatomic phosphorus Tetrameric phosphorus UN1381 UN2447 White Phosphorus Yellow phosphorus

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