octadecanol Molecules Structural Archive and Gallery

1-0ctadecanol 1-Octadecanol 112-92-5 Adol 68 Aldol 62 Alfol 18 Atalco S Cachalot S-43 Crodacol-S Decyl octyl alcohol Dytol e-46 Lanol S Lorol 28 NSC5379 Octadecan-1-ol Octadecanol Octadecyl alcohol Polaax STEARYL ALCOHOL Sipol S Siponol S Siponol SC Stearol Stenol Steraffine Usp xiii stearyl alcohol WLN: Q18 n-1-Octadecanol n-Octadecanol n-Octadecyl alcohol

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1-Octadecanol acetate 822-23-1 Acetic acid, octadecyl ester NSC5546 Octadecyl acetate Stearyl acetate n-Octadecyl ethanoate

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1-Octadecanol, formate 5451-75-2 NSC21856

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.gamma.-Stearolactone 2(3H)-Furanone, dihydro-5-tetradecyl- 4-Octadecanolide 502-26-1 Dihydro-5-tetradecyl-2(3H)-furanone NSC34907 Octadecanoic acid, 4-hydroxy-, .gamma.-lactone WLN: T5OVTJ E14

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1-0ctadecanol 1-Hydroxyoctadecane 1-OCTADECANOL 112-92-5 193766-48-2 4-01-00-01888 (Beilstein Handbook Reference) 8014-37-7 8032-19-7 8032-21-1 8034-90-0 AI3-01330 Adol 68 Alcohol stearylicus Alcohol(C18) Aldol 62 Alfol 18 Atalco S BRN 1362907 C18 alcohol CCRIS 3960 CO-1895 CO-1897 Cachalot S-43 Crodacol-S Decyl octyl alcohol Dytol E-46 EINECS 204-017-6 Fatty alcohol(C18) HSDB 1082 Lanol S Lorol 28 NSC 5379 Octadecanol Octadecanol, 1- Octadecyl alcohol Octadecylalkohol Polaax SSD AF Sipol S Siponol S Siponol SC Stearic alcohol Stearol Stearyl alcohol Stearyl alcohol [USAN:JAN] Stenol Steraffine USP XIII stearyl alcohol n-1-Octadecanol n-Octadecanol n-Octadecyl alcohol

pdb file: 151352.pdb
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18-Fluorooctadecanol 4-01-00-01893 (Beilstein Handbook Reference) 408-44-6 BRN 1763601 OCTADECANOL, 18-FLUORO- omega-Fluorooctadecanol

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2(3H)-FURANONE, DIHYDRO-5-TETRADECYL- 4-Octadecalactone 4-Octadecanolide 5-17-09-00110 (Beilstein Handbook Reference) 502-26-1 BRN 0167220 Dihydro-5-tetradecyl-2(3H)-furanone NSC 34907 Octadecanoic acid, 4-hydroxy-, gamma-lactone Octadecanoic acid, 4-hydroxy-, gamma-lactone (7CI) gamma-Octadecalactone gamma-Stearolactone

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26762-44-7 OCTADECANOL

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41669-31-2 52292-17-8 Arosurf Arosurf MSF Isosteareth-10 Isosteareth-12 Isosteareth-2 Isosteareth-20 Isosteareth-22 Isosteareth-3 Isosteareth-50 PEG-10 Isostearyl ether PEG-12 Isostearyl ether PEG-2 Isostearyl ether PEG-20 Isostearyl ether PEG-22 Isostearyl ether PEG-3 Isostearyl ether PEG-50 Isostearyl ether POLY(OXY-1,2-ETHANEDIYL), ALPHA-ISOOCTADECYL-OMEGA-HYDROXY- Polyethoxylated isooctadecanol Polyethylene glycol (22) isostearyl ether Polyethylene glycol (3) isostearyl ether Polyethylene glycol (50) isostearyl ether Polyethylene glycol 100 isostearyl ether Polyethylene glycol 1000 isostearyl ether Polyethylene glycol 500 isostearyl ether Polyethylene glycol 600 isostearyl ether Polyoxyethylene (10) isostearyl ether Polyoxyethylene (12) isostearyl ether Polyoxyethylene (2) isostearyl ether Polyoxyethylene (20) isostearyl ether Polyoxyethylene (22) isostearyl ether Polyoxyethylene (3) isostearyl ether Polyoxyethylene (50) isostearyl

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(C16-C18) Alkyl alcohol (C16-C18)-Alkyl alcohol 1-Octadecanol, mixed with 1-hexadecanol 12705-32-7 1336-34-1 199745-51-2 39315-71-4 52003-59-5 58392-01-1 58392-68-0 63393-84-0 67762-27-0 67762-43-0 78565-03-4 8005-44-5 8032-20-0 8032-22-2 8032-92-6 8033-00-9 8034-88-6 8038-54-8 Alcohols, C16-18 CETYL-STEARYL ALCOHOL Cetearyl alcohol Cetostearyl alcohol Cetyl/stearyl alcohol EINECS 267-008-6 Fatty alcohols

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1-Heptadecanol, 16-methyl- 120528-41-8 16-METHYL-1-HEPTADECANOL 179607-17-1 27458-93-1 59231-38-8 EINECS 248-470-8 Isooctadecan-1-ol Isooctadecanol Isostearyl alcohol

pdb file: 204934.pdb
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1-Octadecanol acetate 822-23-1 AI3-08310 Acetic acid, octadecyl ester EINECS 212-493-1 NSC 5546 Octadecyl acetate Stearyl acetate n-Octadecyl ethanoate

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1-OCTADECANOL Murexide NSC5357

pdb file: 538998.pdb
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1-OCTADECANOL 112-92-5 InChI=1/C18H38O/c1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19/h19H,2-18H2,1H octadecan-1-ol

pdb file: 587020.pdb
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1-Octadecanol, aluminum salt 3985-81-7 Aluminium octadecan-1-olate Aluminum n-octadecoxide EINECS 223-629-4

pdb file: 654656.pdb
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directory: 654656

1-Octadecanol, titanium(4+) salt 218947-18-3 5128-29-0 EINECS 225-866-9 Tetrastearyl titanate Titanic acid (H4TiO4), tetraoctadecyl ester Titanium(4+) octadecan-1-olate

pdb file: 655810.pdb
sdf file: 655810.sdf
directory: 655810

13006-05-8 EINECS 235-847-7 Magnesium octadecyl sulfate Octadecanol, hydrogen sulfate, magnesium salt Octadecyl hydrogen sulphate, magnesium salt Sulfuric acid, monooctadecyl ester, magnesium salt

pdb file: 659964.pdb
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1-Octadecanol, 2-tetradecyl- 2-Tetradecyloctadecan-1-ol 32582-32-4 63710-66-7 EINECS 251-110-2

pdb file: 671529.pdb
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directory: 671529

1,1,2,2-Tetrahydroperfluoro-1-octadecanol 1-Octadecanol, 3,3,4,4,5,5,6,6,7,7,8,8,9,9,10,10,11,11,12,12,13,13,14,14,15,15,16,16,17,17,18,18,18-tritriacontafluoro- 3,3,4,4,5,5,6,6,7,7,8,8,9,9,10,10,11,11,12,12,13,13,14,14,15,15,16,16,17,17,18,18,18-Tritriacontafluorooctadecanol 65104-67-8 EINECS 265-439-4

pdb file: 680692.pdb
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1-Octadecanol, 9,10-dibromo-, hydrogen phosphate, calcium salt 68298-30-6 Calcium bis(bis-dibromooleylphosphate) Calcium tetrakis(9,10-dibromooctadecyl) bis(phosphate) EINECS 269-554-0

pdb file: 686613.pdb
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directory: 686613

1-Octadecanol, 9,10-dibromo-, hydrogen phosphate 68298-31-7 Bis(9,10-dibromooctadecyl) hydrogen phosphate Bis(dibromoleyl) phosphate EINECS 269-555-6

pdb file: 686614.pdb
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18-Phenyloctadecanol 68141-06-0 Benzeneoctadecanol EINECS 268-828-7 Phenyloctadecyl alcohol

pdb file: 686950.pdb
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directory: 686950

13252-15-8 3,6,9,12,15-Pentaoxaoctadecanoyl fluoride, 2,4,4,5,7,7,8,10,10,11,13,13,14,16,16,17,17,18,18,18-eicosafluoro-2,5,8,11,14-pentakis(trifluoromethyl)- Perfluoro-2,5,8,11,14-pentamethyl-3,6,9,12,15-pentaoxaoctadecanolyl fluoride

pdb file: 699911.pdb
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2-Octadecanol 593-32-8

pdb file: 728308.pdb
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1-Octadecanol, phosphate, potassium salt 56645-00-2 68987-29-1 EINECS 273-489-3 Mono and diesters of stearyl alcohol phosphated, potassium salt

pdb file: 737517.pdb
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2-Octadecanol, hydrogen sulfate, monosodium salt 2-Octadecanol, hydrogen sulfate, sodium salt 6858-55-5

pdb file: 742984.pdb
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directory: 742984

31784-67-5 39355-32-3 39457-21-1 73212-01-8 9038-43-1 Oxirane, methyl-, polymer with oxirane, monooctadecyl ether Oxyethylated, oxypropylated octadecanol PPG-9-Steareth-3 Polyoxyethylene (3) polyoxypropylene (9) steyaryl ether Stearyl alcohol, ethoxylated and propoxylated

pdb file: 743207.pdb
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directory: 743207

1-Octadecanol, reaction products with hexakis(methoxymethyl)melamine and triethanolamine 68511-88-6 EINECS 270-949-5 Hexakis(methoxymethyl)melamine reaction product with stearyl alcohol and triethanolamine

pdb file: 749680.pdb
sdf file: 749680.sdf
directory: 749680

75919-68-5 Benzoic acid, 4-hydroxy-, butyl ester, mixt. with 1-hexadecanol, methyl 4-hydroxybenzoate, 1-octadecanol, 1,2-propanediol, propyl 4-hydroxybenzoate and sodium dodecyl sulfate Cetaphil

pdb file: 773130.pdb
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