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4-(Dipropylsulfamoyl)benzoic acid 57-66-9 Apurina Benecid Benemid Benuryl Benzoic acid, 4-[(dipropylamino)sulfonyl]- Benzoic acid, p-(dipropylsulfamoyl)- Ethamide NCI-C56097 NSC18786 Probecid Proben Probenecid Probenecid acid Probenemid Probexin Prolongine Synergid R Tubophan Uricosid WLN: QVR DSWN3&3 component of ColBenemid p-(Dipropylsulfamoyl)benzoic acid p-(Dipropylsulfamyl)benzoic acid

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4-((Dipropylamino)sulfonyl)benzoic acid 4-(Di-n-propylsulfamoyl)benzoesaeure 4-(Dipropylsulfamoyl)benzoic acid 4-(N,N-Dipropylsulfamoyl)benzoesaeure 4-11-00-00691 (Beilstein Handbook Reference) 57-66-9 AI3-50078 Apurina BRN 2815775 Benecid Benemid Benemide Benuryl Benzoic acid, 4-((dipropylamino)sulfonyl)- Benzoic acid, p-(dipropylsulfamoyl)- CCRIS 3643 Col-Probenecid ColBenemid DRG-0053 EINECS 200-344-3 Ethamide HSDB 3387 NCI-C56097 NSC 18786 PROBENECID Polycillin-BRB Polycillin-PRB Probalan Probampacin Probecid Proben Probenecid [BAN:INN:JAN] Probenecid acid Probenecida [INN-Spanish] Probenecide [INN-French] Probenecidum [INN-Latin] Probenemid Probenid Probexin Prolongine Robenecid Synergid R Tubophan Uricosid p-(Dipropylsulfamoyl)benzoic acid

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